Guidance stresses frequent soap and water hand washing for returning children

Child washing his hands with a KiddiSynk while being supervised

Welsh government gives hand hygiene a very high priority

Vulnerable children will be joined by foundation level youngsters across Welsh schools as they return after the latest lockdown period.

There will be exceptions – namely in areas with higher rates of Covid-19 infection – but the return, scheduled within the next week, will present everyone with the requirement for even greater levels of hand hygiene than before, according to Nicola Bryan in a recent report on the BBC website.

New safety guidance for schools in Wales has been published advises Bryan.

Kids between the ages of three and seven will find schools cleaner than ever before, and their teachers wearing face masks. The Welsh Government does however acknowledge that children of that age “will not be able to maintain social distancing”.

Frequent hand washing – with supervision where required

“The guidance says hands should be cleaned thoroughly more often than usual with soap and water for at least 20 seconds…”

It’s vital that young children and those with complex needs “should continue to be helped to clean their hands properly” says the article.

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