UK lorry drivers need their OWN hand wash units: they’re being denied bathroom access

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Handwashing facilities are being denied at major hubs

Everyone needs to wash their hands with soap and water on a regular basis in the face of the current coronavirus pandemic. Delivery drivers play a crucial part of keeping the supply chain intact at these difficult times – yet they’re being denied the capability to have an effective hand wash at a number of major distribution centres in the UK, according to a recent report on the Guardian website.

The article by Ben Quinn and Damien Gayle states that the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has revealed that hauliers are being ‘blocked from washing hands at service hubs’. This is despite a letter from Public Health England (PHE) which has been circulated for drivers who can produce it when denied bathroom access.

RHA wins the case for truckers denied access to toilets at distribution centres – Public Heath England letter.

An example provided in the article quotes a printed message which was displayed at a distribution hub as saying

“Drivers. Given the current concerns over the coronavirus we must refuse you using the toilet due to the welfare of our employees. Thank you for your cooperation. The management.”

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