Norovirus – stay at home and wash hands with soap and water guidance

Handwashing is essential to prevent norovirus. Gels don't work

“Alcohol hand gels don’t kill norovirus”

There has been a further recent surge of the so-called “winter vomiting bug” norovirus – a major contributory factor behind only 4.9% of hospital beds being available for new patients. The figures were supplied by Public Health England (PHE), prompting the reissuing of advice to stay at home if infected and to wash hands frequently, according to a recent report on The Sun website.

More than 5,500 hospital beds in the UK were closed due to norovirus wrote  who also revealed that “95.1 per cent of NHS inpatient beds were full in English hospitals last week.”

Preventing the spread of norovirus

Anyone with the illness should stay at home for 48 hours after the symptoms have cleared, says the article.

And effective hand washing is vital.

“Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and warm water. Alcohol hand gels don’t kill norovirus.”

PHE’s National Infection Service Deputy Director, Nick Phin also reinforced the guidance.

“One of the best ways to protect against norovirus infection is by practicing good hand hygiene. This includes thorough hand washing with soap and warm water after using the toilet and before eating or preparing foods.”

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