HandSpa hand wash unit for the beauty sector goes into production

The Teal HandSpa portable sink will be available soon

Trials and beauty show presentations receive hugely positive response

The prototype versions of the revolutionary new HandSpa have been made available to beauticians and therapists across the British Isles for the last few months. Teal has been taking the comments of those in the sector on board, enabling the specification to be finalised.

Feedback from beauty business at the recent Professional Beauty North and Professional Beauty Ireland was so positive that Teal has now begun to produce the units, which will be ready for sale for the first time soon.

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About the HandSpa

Effective hand hygiene for the beauty industry, delivering superb hand washing – at the point of need.

The HandSpa need no mains water service or drainage connections: the automatic sensor delivers a hygienic hand wash without having to touch a tap or button. Using tried and tested automatic sensor technology, the HandSpa is fully automatic with nothing to reset and nothing to adjust.

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Register your interest in the new Teal HandSpa today!

Many beauty professionals have already expressed a firm interest in Teal’s new salon hand wash station, requesting that we let them know when the product will be available for purchase.

Simply email your details from the Feedback form on the Contact page, adding “Let me know about the HandSpa” in the “Your enquiry” field.

The Teal range is ideal for start-up or expanding salons, mobile make-up an hair professionals and therapists, providing a fast, effective solution or if you are on the move the fully portable sinks can be set up in seconds, no plumbing needed and plugged into a normal 13-amp socket.

The Teal beauty range

The innovative Teal Hygienius is highly portable needing no plumbing, requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation. The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water when hands are placed within range. Order now »

The Super Stallette portable hand wash unit is ideal for providing cutting edge hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed. Needs no plumbing – just a 13 amp power socket. Order now »

The Handeman Xtra Portable is Teal’s most portable hand wash unit – ever! Washing can be provided anywhere that it’s required. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Order now »