20% of Australians don’t wash their hands after toilet use

Australians need to wash their hands more often says report

Why using running water and soap is essential

There is a particularly effective ways of helping reduce incidents of illnesses such as stomach ache or flu – by washing hands regularly and properly at key times, according to a recent report on the Mirage News website.

The article raises concerns resulting from findings from the Food Safety Information Council (FSIC) which were recently presented to coincide with Australian Food Safety Week.

The main causes for anxiety are provided by two key statistics:-

  1. that more that 20% of Australian’s don’t always wash their hands after a toilet visit
  2. and perhaps more worryingly that “nearly 40% of respondents also admitted that they don’t always wash their hands before touching food.”

Younger people are also revealed as being less likely to practice consistently good hand hygiene says the article.

Good hand washing techniques

The report quotes four simple tips, provided by the FSIC, which include

“Wet your hands and rub together well to build up a good lather with soap for at least 20 seconds and don’t forget to wash between your fingers and under your nails.”

Alcohol gels should only be used if an effective soap and water alternative is not available says the guidance.

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