Farm workers and visitors – hand washing with mobile sinks

Portable hand wash sinks for farms and workers

Health & Safety Executive require appropriate hand washing facilities

Portable sinks, toilet and washing facilities for workers working away from base are essential.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance Workplace safety and welfare – Toilet and welfare facilities provides hand washing advice for owners of farms.

The Guidance refers to the hand washing facilities that are provided for full and part-time workers on farms as well as farm visitors. The HSE states:-

“The law protects the health and safety of everyone in the workplace, and to ensure that adequate welfare facilities are provided for people at work.

Toilet and welfare facilities

The Guidance continues “There is a risk of illness from hazardous substances and from muck or other animal products carrying potentially hazardous micro-­organisms. If you have full or part-time, casual or permanent workers, provide rest facilities and:

  • clean, well-ventilated toilets;
  • washbasins with hot and cold (or warm) water, soap and towels (or a hand dryer);
  • portable toilet and washing facilities for workers working away from base…”

Portable hand wash basins for working farms

TEAL produce a comprehensive range of portable sinks that are ideal for working farms.

Hand washing in the tractor cab

The Handeman and TEALwash both feature in the range versions for motor vehicles – enabling a farm worker to be able to access a hand wash wherever they’re working.

Hand washing for workers and visitors

Choose from the comprehensive range of free standing portable hot water hand wash units. Some can be wall mounted or free standing – and all can be situated wherever they’re needed – no plumbing is required. The BigSynk (illustrated) for example, is a mains powered portable free standing hot and cold water arm washing unit, capable of delivering up to 125 hot water hand washes on one filling.