Hepatitis A – why hand washing is crucial before handling food

Hand washing with soap and water is crucial for hepatitis A control

Hygiene advice issued after North Yorkshire outbreak

Nearly thirty cases of Hepatitis A have been reported in the Ripon area of the UK and are being investigated by Public Health England (PHE) Yorkshire and the Humber and the NHS, according to a recent report on the Food Safety News website.

Twenty cases are said to have occurred in connection with an academy school, with the rest arising in the local community. Whilst the number of reported case is decreasing, it can take over a month for symptoms to develop.

The condition is described as a “…mild illness, though it can be more serious in adults.”

The importance of effective hand hygiene

The article advises that North Yorkshire public health experts have initiated a widespread hand hygiene campaign to help minimise further outbreaks.

“It looks at how handwashing with soap and water can prevent the virus, particularly after going to the toilet or changing a diaper, and before preparing food.”

“Local businesses were told of the importance of good food handling practices and hygiene standards, as hepatitis A can be passed by eating food or drinking water containing the virus.”

The NHS website advises that one way that hepatitis A can be contracted is as a result of “…eating food prepared by someone with the infection who has not washed their hands properly or washed them in water contaminated with sewage”.

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