How children learn all about effective hand washing at Honey Pot Nurseries

Washing hands in or out of doors with a Teal KiddiSynk at Honey Pot

Honey Pot NurseriesHoney Pot Nurseries is a family run chain of 4 nurseries in South Liverpool. The nurseries all have an excellent reputation and were judged Outstanding by Ofsted at each of their last inspections.

The nurseries also continue to maintain a 5/5 food hygiene rating and this commitment to high levels of hygiene is replicated throughout the playrooms.

“The children learn about the importance of handwashing and when the most important times for these practices are” said Ashley Williams-Day, the Quality and Training Manager at Honey Pot.

“Staff act as role models in handwashing, which enables children to copy these hygiene routines. In some playrooms the access to the bathroom can be inconvenient for handwashing.”

Children learn effective hand washing techniques with KiddiSynks

“This lead us to looking for a more accessible option for our children. We found KiddiSynks. These enable children to wash their hands without having to leave the room. It also acts as a constant reminder to wash their hands.

“The KiddiSynks have also been purchased for our garden areas. It can be difficult to maintain the highest standards for handwashing when children are outdoors as their nearest access to handwashing facilities was inside the building. 

“We are currently working towards becoming an eco-school and part of this project has involved looking into water wastage. We have recently installed water butts in our gardens so that we can use the rain water to water our plants.”

KiddiSynks use water effectively but sparingly, so that they not only teach children about the importance of handwashing, but reducing unnecessary water wastage too.

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Honey Pot Nurseries teach children hand washing
Teaching handwashing techniques to children
Child learning to wash hands with KiddiSynk

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