Why do only 61% of UK office workers wash their hands after a toilet break?

Portable hand wash units for the office

…and seven percent don’t ever wash!

A cleaning solution provider based in Manchester, SMC Premier Cleaning recently conducted a survey of more than 5,000 office workers in the UK regarding their hand washing habits – and the results are worrying, according to a recent report on the News Anyway website.

Perhaps inevitably, the figures for women are less grim than those for men, with 66% of them washing their hands after a toilet vest, with men only managing 53%. “The results reveal a disturbing statistic” says the article. The figures speak for themselves, with

  • 61% of those surveyed washed their hands “properly” with soap and water – so far so good, but…
  • 18% have a “quick hand wash”
  • 14% “occasionally wash their hands”
  • 7% “admitted to not washing their hands” at all!

Other factors have also been covered in the survey, including age variations, numbers that eat at their desks – and even the issues arising from having a dog in the office.

Hot desking hygiene issues

The issues surrounding hot desking have also been covered, says the article, along with the awarenesses – or lack of it – of who is actually responsible for basic hygiene in the office.

“44% had never considered the possibility that hot-desking can be unclean.”

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