Facilities managers: the importance of staff hand washing – and how it can be made more effective

Portable hand washing facilities in the workplace

…and why washing facilities need to be in the right place

Staff productivity and wellbeing can be greatly enhanced by effective and frequent hand washing. The key is to make it happen – and there are some very significant contributing factors that can help ensure that a facility is kept as healthy as possible, according to a recent report on the Facility Executive website.

The article, by Carrie Schuster, drops an immediate bombshell – quoting from a recent article by Bruce Japsen on the Forbes website, which states that in the USA alone each year, $227 billion of “lost productivity” is caused by a combination of employees being off sick, or crucially something referred to as “presenteeism” – a state when workers turn up for work, but whose performance is hampered and rendered inefficient by illness.

Reminders to wash with soap and water

Proper signage is crucial when encouraging a workforce to wash the correct way – with soap and water, according to Ms. Schuster.

“Facility managers should post signs in restrooms reminding visitors to wash their hands with lukewarm water and soap, scrubbing all sides, fingertips and fingernails, and to dry with a paper towel.”

Position hand washing facilities where they are needed

Hand hygiene compliance is far more likely when hand washing facilities are actually located where they are needed, says the article.

“Dispenser placement is especially important in environments such as hospitals, where germs can spread quickly. In addition to restrooms, soap and towel dispensers should be placed in patient rooms, nurse stations, and other areas where patients and caregivers are frequently present.”   

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