Why effective hand washing is essential before inserting contact lenses

The importance of hand washing when inserting contact lenses

A third of people don’t even wash their hands first, according to survey

A survey headline conclusion that A third of people do not wash their hands before inserting contact lenses” was the focus of a recent report on the Optometry Today (OT) website, which revealed a worrying trend amongst some eye care patients.

The article, by Andrew McClean and Laurence Derbyshire focused on a 2000 people survey by the College of Optometrists, the release of which was designed to coincide with the recent National Eye Health Week.

The report quotes Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, an optometrist and clinical adviser for the College of Optometrists, who emphasised how critical effective hand hygiene before replacing inserting contact lenses.

“Washing and drying your hands thoroughly will reduce the chance of acquiring a serious and potentially sight threatening infection.”

How to wash hands properly

The report features a helpful instructional video, which demonstrates how to wash hands properly with soap and water.

A third of people do not wash their hands before inserting contact lenses »

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Hand washing wherever and whenever it’s required!

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