Habia – why having handwashing facilities close by is essential

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Protecting against the four main types of infectious agents

Habia, the hair and beauty standards body, has advised therapists about the nature of the risk of infection that could be transmitted in a beauty facility or spa, potential inspections and the law and advice on how to minimise the risk of infection spread. 

Habia is recognised by government as the Standards Setting Body for the hair and beauty industries and plays an essential role in maintaining and improving professionalism within them. Part of the Skills Active group the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Wellbeing allows the hair and beauty industry more opportunities and access to a wealth of experience and resources for the sector.

The importance of effective hand hygiene

“It is important to make sure that infection is controlled and not transmitted from person to person within the salon or spa, or taken out of the surroundings where a wide range of people could be infected” advises Habia in their Introduction to Hygiene in Beauty and Spa Therapy download.

They state the importance of minimising infection spread of the following infectious agents:-

  1. Bacteria
  2. Viruses
  3. Fungal infections
  4. Infestations.

Good personal hygiene is critical says the report, particularly with regard to hand washing – and it being available at the point of need.

“…washing facilities with hot and cold water are essential to enable the therapist to wash hands between each client and these facilities should be as close as possible to the working area.”

Further information health and safety standards in the beauty industry are available on the HSE website.

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