Beauty UK – Teal to launch portable hand wash range at NEC exhibition

Portable hand washing for mobile beauty businesses

Portable wash units for mobile beauticians announced

Beauty industry professionals must have access to effective hand washing facilities in order to maintain a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene. Beauticians up until now have been faced with a problem is some pop-up stalls and retail outlets – particularly if they travel to their clients or offer services away from a static salon.

Access to running water is often overlooked due to the use of single-use gloves and sanitisers but these are renowned for being much less effective at achieving proper hand hygiene than simple soap and running water. 

TEAL portable hand washing for the beauty industry: download the PDF leaflet »

Beauty UK launch

Beauty UK, the National Beauty Trade Show, returns to the NEC Birmingham on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st May 2018, where visitors will have the opportunity for they first time to try out the new hand washing units.

The lack of clarity in industry regulations, together with the growing risk of penalties and fines if the right hygiene equipment isn’t accessible, make it more important than ever for beauty professionals to be made aware of the importance of all aspects of hand hygiene.

Having portable products is vital within the beauty industry when travelling to events, running a pop up stall when performing treatments ‘on the road’ or simply for moving from room to room in a practice.

Portable hand washing for the beauty industry »

The TEAL beauty range

The innovative TEAL Hygienius is highly portable needing no plumbing, requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation. The automatic sensor starts a ten second flow of hot water when hands are placed within range. Order now »

The Super Stallette portable hand wash unit is ideal for providing cutting edge hot water hand washing facilities wherever they are needed. Needs no plumbing – just a 13 amp power socket. Order now »

The Handeman Xtra Portable is TEAL’s most portable hand wash unit – ever! Washing can be provided anywhere that it’s required. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Order now »