Why you should always wash your hands with soap and water…

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way

You don’t need “fancy soaps” – just the right technique!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 5th May as World Hand Hygiene Day, when people around the globe are reminded that effective hand washing is by far and away the most important weapon against illness and antibiotic resistance. 

With that in mind, a recent article on the Independent Ireland website has highlighted a number of key issues regarding hand washing, compiling a list of 10 helpful things you “need to know”.

The report, by Julia Molony, points out that “A proper wash of the hands takes 40-60 seconds”. Ms Molony quotes the HSE’s spokesperson Martin Cormican, a Professor of Bacteriology and consultant microbiologist.

“People commonly miss the fingertips, the spaces between their fingers, and the thumb.”

Why is soap and water best?

Professor Cormican is reportedly unimpressed with antibacterial household products and will not recommend their use.

‘For hand-washing, you need nothing more elaborate than plain old soap and water. “In an ordinary domestic setting, bar soap is fine and the most environmentally-friendly option.”‘

Effective hand hygiene can reduce the spread of infection, says the article – which in turn will reduce the number of antibiotics prescribed and consequently the number of antibiotic resistant bugs.

Why you should never use antibacterial household products – or antibacterial soap »

Hand washing where it’s needed

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