3500 children diagnosed with HFMD in Qatar annually – why hand washing is important

Teaching children handwashing prevents disease

Why it’s important to teach effective hand hygiene techniques

There is no vaccine to protect against the viruses that cause hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), which is why effective hand washing is so important – particularly for younger children according to a recent report on the Gulf Times website.

The article features an interview with Dr Khalid al-Ansari a director of Paediatric Emergency Services at the Hamad Medical Corporation, who states that HFMD strikes down around 3,500 children a year in Qatar alone.

Outbreak frequencies are higher in the summer and fall he states. The report emphasis the significance of hand washing in order to keep the spread of the disease to a minimum.

“According to Dr al-Ansari there is no vaccine to protect against the viruses that cause HFMD. However, good hand washing habits, especially by children, can help prevent the spread of the disease.”

Frequent hand washing with soap and water is advisable, particularly after using the toilet advised Dr. al-Ansari.

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