Why hand washing is vital for food services

Hand washing mobile sinks

Lack of effective hand washing is still a significant problem

The issues facing the food service industries in the area of hand hygiene was recently addressed in a comprehensive article on the European Cleaning Journal website.

The article, written by head of support at Holchem Laboratories, Darren Saunders, identifies the most common problems which are observed in food handling situations, namely

“a lack of hand washing when required”, and “not following a correct hand washing procedure”.

Serious consequences for food businesses

Supplying contaminated food product will result in a range of sanctions from fines to closure, writes Mr. Saunders. Minimising the risk of spreading bacteria through good hand washing practice is vitally important.

The article concludes with a number of tips for hand hygiene, including

All food service, food processing and other hygiene-critical sites should always implement a strict hand care policy

Hand hygiene training of staff must be considered a prerequisite of induction to a hygiene-critical environment

Planning and attention to locations of hand care facilities must be given careful consideration

Hand washing technique is key.

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