Takeaway hand hygiene lapse has disastrous effect on customers

Hand washing for takeaways

Why hand washing is so important with takeaway food

A lack of hand hygiene had disastrous consequences for 142 customers, many of whom were sick for up to 2 months, reports the Guardian website.

The article focuses on a recent case at Nottingham crown court, where the owners of the Khyber Pass in Hyson Green, Nottingham pleaded guilty to a number of food hygiene offences.

At the heart of the problem was an unusual strain of E coli, for which the “only known reservoir is the human gut”. Prosecuting, Bernard Thorogood is reported as saying

“You realise the way it was transmitted was by use of incorrect hand-washing after using the lavatory to defecate.  A cough can’t do it, a handshake could if it’s an infected hand, which means it was not washed after using the lavatory.”

Of twelve food-handling members of staff at the takeaway, nine were found to have traces of the E coli bacteria.

Judge Jeremy Lea is quoted as saying

“If you make money by supplying cooked food to members of the public, you owe a real duty of care to ensure that people will not be made unwell by your disregard for food safety and hygiene regulations.”

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