Hand washing “health proofs” kids

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School hand hygiene advice for children

Crowed classrooms are the prefect environment for bugs and colds: effective hand hygiene can help significantly reduce the risk – for children and parents reports the Mirror website.

In the article “Here’s how to health proof your kids as they head back to school”, Dr Nigel Plummer points out that up to a dozen instances a year of illness, resulting in “unpleasant symptoms” for the child and the inconvenience for parents of time off work and visits to the GP, can be greatly reduced by hand washing.

Contaminated hands

Children’s hands, when they come into contact with contaminated surfaces, can easily transfer germs to mouths. Viruses on such surfaces can remain a threat for up to 18 hours says the report.

“Studies show that regular hand-washing reduces infection risk and time off. Encourage children to wash their hands, especially after the toilet and before eating. Experts recommend spending at least 15 seconds doing this.”

The report also contains other useful back-to-school advice relating to overloaded backpacks, healthy eating and head lice.

Here’s how to health proof your kids as they head back to school »

Portable sinks for younger children

Handwash training for children is easy with a TEAL unit. Kids just love the warm gentle wash with these portable sinks – even when they’re on the go. And TEAL mobile sinks can ensure that children can have access to a warm water hand wash – even where they are enjoying outside play!

The TEAL KiddiWash Xtra and KiddiSynk mobile sinks are designed especially for smaller hands – and they make hand washing educational and fun.

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