It’s never too early to learn hand washing skills!

Washing hands at preschool and nursery

23 month old Ethan gets to grips with new Kiddiwash Xtra

Teaching children to wash their hands is vital for their future health and wellbeing. The problem is finding hand washing facilities that youngsters can reach and use effectively. Ethan’s first wash with the new Kiddiwash Xtra showed why mobile sinks designed especially for younger children are so effective.

Hand washing is a vital skill to learn for any child. Young Ethan clearly enjoyed his first wash with the new Kiddiwash Xtra, deftly demonstrating how the “Flippi tap” is ideal for smaller fingers.

Hand washing star

Ethan is 23 months old and has been being potty trained (out of nappies) for 2 weeks now. His Mum Liz, a Birmingham based primary school teacher, is very keen to teach her son the importance of hand washing – and is delighted to see that it’s something that he really enjoys.

“He first started to become excited about washing his hands when he first used the toilet in a restaurant” said Liz. “He gets excited about learning to turn the taps on and off and rub his hands under the water. He knows that he must wash his hands after he has used the toilet and says ‘wash hands’ once he has flushed the chain.”

Childrens hand washing with portable sinks
Primary school teacher Liz showing Ethan how to wash his hands

The potential of the Kiddiwash for younger children

Liz is well aware of the practical difficulties based around locating suitable hand washing facilities for her son who isn’t yet 2.

“The Kiddiwash Xtra is perfect for him to wash his hands in – and is great fun”

“At home he previously had to stand on a stool against the sink to wash his hands.”

Portable sinks for younger children

Handwash training for children is easy with a TEAL unit. Kids just love the warm gentle wash with these portable sinks – even when they’re on the go. And TEAL mobile sinks can ensure that children can have access to a warm water hand wash – even where they are enjoying outside play!

The TEAL KiddiWash and KiddiSynk mobile sinks are designed especially for smaller hands – and they make hand washing educational and fun.

Perfect for nurseries, creches, pre-school, outside play areas and children’s pet farms, TEAL warm water hand wash units are robust, easy to use and easy to clean.