Hand hygiene – hot tips for festival food vendors

HandemanXtra mobile hand washing facilities for festival food vendors

Hand washing during the festival season

Visitors to festivals do not always follow hand washing guidance – even where advice is provided, according to a recent report on the Festival Insights website.

The article quotes Manty Stanley, MD of mobile hand washing market leaders TEAL Patents, who offers important advice to festival food vendors and their customers.

“The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health cite that a mobile food operator should be not allowed to trade unless they can demonstrate hand wash facilities are readily and safely available.
“However, safeguarding customers against bacteria is a top priority. Where high risk foods such as raw meat are in use, washing hands in hot running water with soap is the only solution.”

Festival food suppliers – top tips

Ms. Stanley offers some top tips for mobile caterers.

  1. “Hand wash basins are a lawful requirement
  2. “Hand sanitisers will not protect against foodborne illness
  3. “Boosting food hygiene rating boosts reputation”.

Hand washing for all festival caterers – and their customers!

Visible portable hand wash basins can be positioned anywhere that vendors need them most.

Ideal for all catering related businesses such as street and festival food suppliers, retailers, farmers’ markets and kiosks, outside catering, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks, sandwich bars and all other forms of mobile catering.

TEAL hand wash units are also perfect for customers who use the facilities!