New Faces Aesthetics maintain effective hand hygiene – despite a lack of running water

The Prowash is easy to install and maintain says aesthetics company

How a Newport based aesthetic clinic discovered the practical advantages of the ProWash hand washing station

New Faces Aesthetics is an independent nurse run aesthetic clinic, which has been based in Newport, South Wales since 2017. Clinical standards of hygiene have to be maintained at all times and effective hand washing is therefore an important part of the process.

Joanne Peacock, the driving force behind the company, faced a considerable challenge. There was no running water available when she moved the business to a new facility.

A chance social media encounter lead her to Teal, UK manufacturers of mobile hand washing units – and in particular their range of units for the beauty and aesthetics industry. There was one hand washing unit in particular that would prove to be ideal for New Faces Aesthetics: the ProWash.

This is Joanne’s story…

“As a registered nurse it’s always been important to me to work within clinical standards and hygienic protocols.

“As there isn’t a supply of running water in my unit, I was looking for a mobile sink with hot water to maintain hand hygiene, to reduce risk of infection, whilst performing cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and injectable anti-aging treatments.”

Joanne noticed a Facebook recommendation for Teal, saw the ProWash – and immediately realised that it was “ideal for my clinic’s needs”. After many months of continual use, Joanne also pointed out some of the other practical benefits of the unit.

It’s sturdy,  follows WHO hand washing guidelines, looks fantastic and is easy to install & maintain.”

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The ProWash is the hand washing unit of choice for New Faces Aesthetics in Wales
The ProWash is the hand washing unit of choice for New Faces Aesthetics in Wales

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Practising good hand hygiene can be tough in a busy salon or when travelling between customers. However, if professionals in the beauty and aesthetics industry want to have a reputation for high standards and excellence in hygiene, it’s important they have constant access to hand washing facilities.

Teal’s mobile aesthetics companies handwashing stations include the ProWash, Hygienius, CliniWash and the Super Stallette – both of which can be positioned near any standard power socket. The HandSpa is not intended to be moved around, but just needs a normal power supply. The highly portable Handeman Xtra Portable can be carried to wherever it’s needed.

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