Wash hands with soap and water says latest pseudomonas guidance

Control pseudomonas with mobile hand washing units in hospitals

Found on the skin, it can cause a variety of serious illnesses

Pseudomonas often originates around damp facilities such as baths and sinks – but does not often cause problems outside a healthcare facility, according to a recent report on the nidirect website.  Guidance presented there highlights the importance of soap and water hand washing.

nidirect is the official government website for Northern Ireland citizens. It “aims to make it easier to access government information and services.”

Pseudomonas can cause a number of serious illnesses says the article, which lists wound infections, pneumonia and septicaemia amongst the potential dangers. Known as “colonisation”, it can be found on the skin of people without causing a noticeable effect: a risk assessment will determine whether some sort of treatment will be required in individual cases.

Despite rarely causing an issue with those who are in good health, it can cause very serious problems for those with a weakened immune system. The report lists those with cancer, HIV, diabetes and burns as being some of the at-risk conditions.

Healthcare facility alerts

“Infection control departments in hospitals are constantly taking measures to prevent spread and outbreaks” says nidirect.

Effective hand hygiene – both at home and within any type of healthcare facility – is vital.

“Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, particularly after going to the toilet and before eating – use liquid rather than bar soap and don’t use flannels or nail brushes”.

Washing your hands properly

nidirect provides a great deal of information regarding the importance of hand washing with soap and water. Their article Hand washing and hand hygiene states

“Washing your hands properly is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent and control the spread of many illnesses.

“Good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of things like flu, food poisoning and healthcare associated infections being passed from person to person.”

It also provides extensive information as follows:-

  • When you need to wash your hands
  • How to wash your hands
  • How to wash your hands video
  • More useful links.

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A hospital nurse washing hands with a MediWash mobile handwash station
A hospital nurse washing hands with a MediWash mobile handwash station

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