“Majority” of food-borne illnesses caused by hand cross-contamination

Hand washing with a Super Stallette mobile sink

Bacteria: “the biggest threat to food safety” says report

Food is being produced and packaged at a higher level and in greater quantities than ever before – which makes the risk of harmful bacteria being spread to an increasing number of people increasingly likely, according to a recent report on the Virtual College website

A worrying observation is that “many people” are deemed to be unaware of established hand washing procedures that have evolved with the intention of curtailing, as far as possible, the spread of many illnesses – some of which can be potentially harmful.

The article is clear when it comes to the responsibilities those who are tasked with the preparation or handling of food.

“When it comes to food hygiene in the kitchen, food handlers and professionals must understand the importance of washing their hands regularly.”

The article warns of the responsibilities of individuals and companies who are involved in the preparation of food – to their customers and colleagues. If a lack of hand washing is perceived to have caused serous illness, “a business could face legal action as well as having its reputation ruined.”

It’s important, when washing with soap and water, says the report, to ensure that a thorough intervention takes place, with a recommended duration of 40 seconds.

“Rushing to wash your hands puts you at risk of leaving some bacteria on your skin, which could then be transmitted to a surface, person or food.”

Soap and water washing – the preferred way of achieving good hand hygiene

The Virtual College report also quotes advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Their guidance When and How to Wash Your Hands states when, where and how hands should be washed, with emphasis being placed on the most effective ways to reduce the risk of unclean hand cross-contamination.

“Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations.”

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