Hand sanitisers are not effective against Crypto warns report

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There are times when only soap and water hand washing will suffice

A recent report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has highlighted a concerning rise of Cryptosporidium cases in the country, according to a recent report on the Medical Xpress website

The article, by Justin Jackson, refers to the Preliminary investigation of a significant national Cryptosporidium exceedance in the United Kingdom, August 2023 and ongoing which states that “The majority of disease caused by infection with Cryptosporidium in the United Kingdom (UK) is due to two species, Cryptosporidium hominis and Cryptosporidium parvum.”

Crypto levels double – and then some

Jackson reveals the levels of concern at the sheer scale of the increase of cases of the illness, saying that the UKHSA “draws attention to the unprecedented and ongoing increase in cryptosporidiosis cases in the UK. Currently, cases are at more than double the expected rate and rising.”

Cryptosporidium parasite species produce eggs, which, when ingested, cause a number of unfortunate symptoms, including vomiting and nausea, a fever and intense stomach pains. While the primary source is from defecation, other “secondary sources” are cited in the report. They include contact with animals, water supplies and swimming pools – and inadequately cooked food.

The importance of hand washing

Prevention strategies are also referred to, with a “previously under-recommended safety measure” recommending not swallowing water while swimming, including in public pools.

Good hand hygiene is of course essential. Perhaps the most significant element in the article however, is that hand gels are simply not effective against the illness, with effective hand hygiene being nonetheless crucial.

“Prevention precautions are the somewhat familiar drill of washing hands with soap and water, though alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not effective against Crypto.”

UK Cryptosporidium cases on the rise, investigations ongoing »

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