Apply good IPC practices this winter advises NES

A hospital nurse washing hands with a MediWash mobile handwash station

Effective hand hygiene is vitally important – everywhere

A recent article on the NHS Education for Scotland website provides links that will be hugely beneficial to many organisations and individuals across the UK.

A joint campaign by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and Antimicrobial Resistance & Healthcare Associated Infection (ARHAI) Scotland ahead of the onset of winter, has seen the relaunch of information that will be hugely beneficial to health facilities and care home settings.

The messages conveyed will also be just as relevant for everybody – wherever they happen to work or live.

Available resources to help improve hand hygiene

The article Winter Preparedness presents a video and a number of downloadable infographics including a Keep your hands clean section which states

“Good hand hygiene is key to stop the spread of infection.”

Links are also provided to the National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NPCM), of which Section 1.2 Hand Hygiene advises that hand washing is crucial.

“Hand hygiene is considered an important practice in reducing the transmission of infectious agents which cause infections.”

A link is also provided to the Care Home Infection Prevention and Control Manual (CH IPCM), which is a sector practice guide.

As with the NPCM documentation, strong emphasis is placed on the fact that hand washing must be enabled by the provision of facilities that are provided solely for that purpose.

“Hand washing sinks must only be used for hand hygiene and must not be used for the disposal of other liquids.”

Get winter prepared with NES and ARHAI Scotland »

A Teal CliniWash mobile handwash station for care homes
A Teal CliniWash mobile handwash station for care homes and hospitals

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