Spreading the hand washing message instead of infection in hospitals

A nurse washing hands with the MediWash mobile handwashing unit

How an infection prevention and control team provides educational opportunities

International Clean Hands Week ran this year from September 17-23. The key message from the Clean Hands Coalition is a very simple, but hugely important one.

“Clean hands prevent illness and save lives!”

As a follow up to this key event, a health authority in the United States focussed on the importance of hand washing, according to a recent report on The Standard website.

Interestingly, the article also demonstrated how a hospital has begun using its infection prevention experts to great effect – by ensuring that the hand washing message is spread effectively to patients, staff and visitors throughout the hospital community.

The report begins by quoting the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), which emphasised the importance of washing hands the right way, which involves

  • Washing with soap and warm running water
  • Washing by vigorously rubbing all parts of the hands, fingers and wrists for around 20 seconds
  • Washing the soap off under running water
  • And drying with (for example) paper towels.

Spreading the hand hygiene message

The report then goes on to feature an Infection Prevention Coordinator at the Veterans Memorial Hospital. Miranda Bieber, RN has a clear message about the key role that hand washing plays with infection prevention.

“Hand hygiene is the single most important thing all healthcare professionals, family members, and patients can do to keep everyone safe and prevent the spread of infections.”

The infection Control Team at the hospital has a representative in each department of the hospital – and one of their key tasks is to share “information and educational opportunities with their co-workers.”

She added,

“This way, we all can work together to share the responsibility and stress the important role each person has in infection prevention hospital-wide.”

Clean Hands Week observed by VMH and IDPH; Good hand washing really does make a difference »

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