Preschools: the 3 compelling reasons why soap and water hand washing is “the best way to get rid of germs”

3 reasons why soap and water hand washing is best

Gels are a useful backup when handwashing facilities aren’t available says CDC

It is very important to teach children when and how to wash their hands effectively – and to do so with soap and water if possible, says recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The washing of hands, as most people are aware, is one of the “best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick” says the article When and How to Wash Your Hands. This is why it’s so important that children are taught to wash their hands well – and at appropriate times.

The three benefits that soap and water hand washing provide

For many people, the ease and convenience of gels is their go-to form of hand hygiene*. But, advises the CDC, it’s very important to teach children to wash wherever possible with soap and water.

“Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations.”

They must wash effectively of course says the guidance, which details five steps that should be followed every time.

  1. Wet you hands with clean running water
  2. Lather hands thoroughly with soap
  3. Scrub for at least 20 seconds
  4. Rinse hands under clean, running water
  5. And finally of course, dry hands.

The CDC also lists the top 3 reasons why soap and water washing is superior to the gel alternative.

  1. “Sanitizers do not get rid of all types of germs.
  2. Hand sanitizers may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty or greasy.
  3. Hand sanitizers might not remove harmful chemicals like pesticides from hands.”

*Alcohol based sanitisers are also potentially dangerous to young children warns the CDC. They can “cause alcohol poisoning” if more than 2 mouthfuls are swallowed. They should therefore be kept out of reach of youngsters and used only under supervision.

A preshool teacher showing kids how to wash hands with a KiddiWash
A preshool teacher showing children how to wash hands with a KiddiWash Xtra

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