The importance of teaching handwashing takes on a sense of urgency

Children learning handwashing with a Teal KiddiSynk mobile unit

Why children must adopt the hand hygiene habit

The ongoing Covid pandemic shed light on a renewed importance when it comes to frequent and effective hand washing. Now, as winter begins to set in, it has become more important than ever that youngsters are taught the techniques of soap and water hand washing as other illnesses and conditions are, unfortunately, beginning to hit the headlines.

Scarlet fever cases are on the rise according to the North Wales Live website. This in itself is “not uncommon” say authors Sarah Scott and Amelia Shaw. Nonetheless, instances are “above the levels usually seen at this time of year”, says the report.

Dr David Cromie is a Consultant in Health Protection at the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland. In the article he is quoted as saying

“To limit the spread of scarlet fever it is also important to practise good hygiene by washing hands with warm water and soap, not sharing drinking glasses or utensils, and covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.”

A preshool teacher showing kids how to wash hands with a KiddiWash
A preshool teacher showing kids how to wash hands with a KiddiWash

Norovirus – the so-called “winter vomiting bug” has recently caused the closure of the Leominster Community Hospital to visitors. This illness cannot be controlled by hand gels and according to the UK Health Security Agency‘s lead for stomach infections Lesley Larkin,

“Hand washing is really important to help stop the spread of this bug, but unlike for Covid alcohol hand sanitisers do not kill off norovirus, so soap and warm water is best.”

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Hand wash units for children – place them wherever they’re needed!

Teal produces portable hand washing sinks that are idea for preschool and nursery children including the KiddiSynk and KiddiWash, which can be used equally effectively indoor or out.

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