Hand washing call states BBQs have “MORE germs than a toilet seat”

The Handeman Xtra portable handwash unit is perfect for BBQs

Soap and water hand hygiene is essential to help prevent illness

Many people will yet be breaking out the cooking utensils and firing up the back garden barbecues during the rest of the summer and early autumn in the UK. A large number will not be aware of the potential dangers that lurk around them, which exposes participants to a real risk of food poisoning, according to a recent report on the Scottish Daily Express website.

The rather worrying showstopper in the article is

“…a study found that outdoor grills have 124% more germs than the surface of a toilet seat, with 1.7 million microbes per 100 cm sq.”

That’s a thought to chew on (or not) before accepting that first burger or sausage in a bun…

The article by Eve Beattie centres on the fact that the UK summer has so far been a warm one with quite a few sunny days – perfect barbecuing weather in fact. But it is essential to take a number of basic precautions before proceeding.

The gross figures outlined above are taken from previously published Medical Daily website article Outdoor Barbecues Contain Twice The Amount Of Germs As A Toilet Seat; How To Disinfect Your Grill.

Begin with good old soap and water washing

It’s vital to clean grilling equipment properly writes Beattie, who also highlights the need to use separate plates for raw and cooked food, storing and covering food adequately, defrosting meat in the microwave and using a thermometer amongst other important procedures.

But top of the list, perhaps inevitably, is hand washing. Properly and frequently. With soap and water.

“If you’re preparing any food, you should always wash your hands with soap and water beforehand. This is especially true when barbecuing as often you’ll be handling raw meats, which can contain E. coli, salmonella, and listeria among other dangerous bacteria.”

And it’s vital to wash your hands properly – for the requisite amount of time.

“A simple rinse won’t cut it either, to properly prevent any harmful germs, ensure you’re washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.”

The same principles apply to all outdoor caterers and street food suppliers of course. Hygiene – especially hand hygiene – is always the most important consideration for providers and their customers

Have a good – and safe – BBQ!

BBQs have MORE germs than a toilet seat according to hygiene expert »

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