Why hand washing is now an important lesson for children in St Lucia

Children learning to wash hands with A KiddiSynk mobile unit

Fun and interactive ways of teaching the “proper way to wash”

Learning the right way to wash hands – and when to do it – is possibly the most important lesson that can be taught to a child. Its importance has been recognised and acted upon in a new initiative on the St Lucia, where the Bureau of Health Education has been ensuring that children are being made aware of the need for good hand hygiene.

A report on the Writeups24 website has described the reason behind a number of school visits.

“The initiative provides students with the opportunity to be educated in a fun and interactive way on the proper way to wash hands and gain an appreciation for the benefits of hand washing.”

The article’s author George Henry quotes Shirlan Edward, a Family Life Educator in the Bureau of Health Education, on why they feel that teaching the youngsters will not only benefit them, but also many others in the wider community.

“They are able to go to their homes and educate their parents and their caretakers” said Edward, who explained the benefits of focusing on that age group.

Remind children why hand washing is important

A video report on the St Lucia Times website by Fernelle Neptune also reported on the initiative, which had the aim of instilling “healthy habits” in children.

Family Life Educator Amelia Charles said in the video

“It is very important that teach our little ones or we remind them of the many times that they have to wash their hands – and why it is important that they wash their hands.”

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The Kiddiwash Xtra is the perfect way to introduce hand washing to younger children
The Kiddiwash Xtra is the perfect way to introduce hand washing to younger children

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