Why would you buy food from sandwich van staff that don’t wash their hands?

Handeman Xtra handwash unit on sandwich van

Handling money, then picking up food with dirty hands…

Since the pandemic began, a larger percentage of people than ever before have been aware of the importance of effective hand hygiene. Soap and water hand washing done well – for at least 20 seconds – is a vital weapon against germs.

Hand washing is a crucial aspect of catering. Which makes is all the more surprising when food delivered to business parks and offices by sandwich vans provide no handwashing facilities for the staff who are delivering it. They are after all, even in these electronic transaction led days, still handling a fair amount of cash – which has long been recognised as a major potential source of contamination.

Even if the food is wrapped, they will be handing it over with dirty hands. Then, even if you wash your hands before consuming the sandwiches or wraps that you’ve just purchased, you will risk contaminating your hands as you touch the wrapper to open it.

The benefits of mobile hand washing units

The benefits – even the necessity – of having effective handwashing facilities that go wherever food does, are self-evident. And they should of course be used on a regular basis!

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued Safer Food Better Business for Caterers which has been developed for small catering businesses including mobile food providers as well as the likes of cafés and takeaways.

The purpose of it is, in short, to help caterers comply with the law.

“It is easy for you to spread bacteria and viruses to food without realising. These bacteria are invisible and could make customers ill. Your personal hygiene is important” says the guide.

And the first thing you should alway do before handling food, is to wash your hands. Full hand washing techniques are detailed in the publication, beginning as follows:-

“Wet your hands thoroughly under warm running water and squirt liquid soap onto your palm.”

A catering van with Teal Handeman handwash unit
A catering van with a Teal Handeman handwash unit

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