Soap and water washing “a no brainer” for truck drivers

A Teal Handeman Xtra handwash unit for trucks and vans

Truck drivers (and their employers) advised to make health a priority

There is a wealth of advice regarding the dangers to truck drivers as a result of their “sedentary lifestyle”, which emphasises the importance of exercise and a healthy diet. Also very important is the need for them to keep the cab clean. Further to this, effective personal hygiene is even more important than ever in these pandemic ridden times, according to a recent report on the Unitruck website.

The article seems to be suggesting having a barrier mentality towards a truck driver’s cab. Washing hands effectively with soap and water when returning to it will help keep it cleaner and less germ-ridden.

“Washing your hands properly is the best line of defense against germs and is a necessary precaution to take when you are cleaning and in general.”

The benefits provided by this help to negate the unhealthy risk factors that every driver can be exposed to on a regular basis.

“Keep this in mind after getting out of your vehicle when you are on a haul as well, because there’s no telling what kind of germs you might have encountered at a truck stop.”

A TealWash portable sink provides soap hand washing for truck drivers
A TealWash portable sink provides soap hand washing for truck drivers

Hand washing when cleaning the cab

Keeping a clean and hygienic environment within the cab is vital, says the report, which provides a useful infographic showing how to bring this about. But the cleaning process, whether using disinfectant wipes or other forms of such product, should begin and end with a soap and water hand wash.

“Another precaution you should take when you are disinfecting your cab is a no brainer – wash your hands. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water both prior to and after cleaning the cab.”

It’s also best not to reply on wipes for hand hygiene says the report, which recommends wearing gloves when using them to keep the cab clean.

“Disinfectant wipes are full of chemicals that can be harmful to your skin.”

It is therefore imperative that employers make suitable washing facilities available on or in the vehicle, so that they can maintain good levels of personal hygiene, despite any unpleasant situations that they may encounter.

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Effective hand washing – for all van, minibus and truck drivers

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