Hand washing guidance for close contact services

Beautician washing hands with a Teal HandSpa relocatable unit

Why effective hand hygiene is essential for beauty providers

Guidance to help close contact services business owners keep their establishments as safe as possible places a high degree of importance on effective hand washing. A recent update from Preston City Council (PCC) provides information, infographics and advice for such companies.

Close close contact services listed include beauty and nail bars, tanning salons, make-up artists, hairdressers, tattooists and the aesthetics industry.

Topics covered include mask wearing, walk-ins v appointments, Test and Trace activities and promotion, cash issues and general cleaning and hygiene advice.

Making hand washing requirements a priority for everyone

As expected, hand hygiene is given a very high level of importance.

The PCC infographic Washing hands effectively is one of a number of posters “that all businesses should display”.
It advocates a full 20 second soap and water hand wash.

“Rub hands together under warm running water then apply soap.”

PCC’s guidance also provides access to a number of other posters and infographics, such as the Professional Beauty Salon Guidelines Covid-19 on which one of the main commitments is

“Therapists will wash their hands before and after every treatment.”

PCC also recommends that “staff wash their hands after handling money.”

Beauty salon worker washing hands with a HandSpa relocatable sink

UK Government hand washing advice

The UK government website’s guidance for close contact services suggests that businesses

“Use signs and posters to make people aware:
– how to wash their hands well 
– that they should wash their hands frequently.”

And for hand hygiene to be effective, says the guidance, it is important to

“Adopt good handwashing technique. Increase handwashing during and in between appointments.”

Preston City Council guide for close contact services »

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