LEAF Open Farm Sunday – hand washing with running water must be provided

Child washing hands with a portable sink on farm open day

Effective hand hygiene is essential during farm visits

As Spring and the gradual easing of lockdown gather pace, thoughts are now turning to educational farm visits. One of the most successful organised campaigns is LEAF Open Farm Sunday, which this year takes place on the 27th of June.

It’s described as a chance to “show­case and cel­e­brate British farm­ing and all it deliv­ers” and farmers across the country are being encouraged to take part.

New ambassadors have been appointed by LEAF Open Farm Sunday’s (LOFS) organisers, with a specific role of helping farmers prepare for the event, according to a recent report on the South West farmer website. Article author Lisa Young quotes one such ambassador, Rona Amiss, a first generation tenanted farmer, who emphasises that this year’s event will be centred around “…small, socially distanced farm walks and talks to provide an intimate insight to what happens on farm.”

Hand washing facilities must be provided

Farms must provide proper hand washing facilities for all visitors, according to LOFS’s Health and Safety guidance which emphasises the importance of good hand hygiene. Hands must be “washed thoroughly” for an adequate period, before being rinsed and dried properly.

“hand­wash­ing facil­i­ties must have: 

  • run­ning water (can be cold run­ning water in June)
  • liq­uid soap (NOT antibac­te­r­i­al gels)
  • paper tow­els”

Furthermore, handwashing areas should be properly supervised, with reminders being given to all visitors that they need to use them.

Appropriate signage should direct people to the hygiene stations and this should be positioned where animals are located as well as at food and eating locations.

How to wash your hands

The NHS guidance on appropriate hand washing techniques states that hands must always be cleansed

“after touching animals, including pets, their food and after cleaning their cages.”

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Washing hands with portable sinks on farm visit

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