Take a mobile sink with you on a day out with the kids

Take a Kiddiwash mobile sink on a day out in the country

A great way to minimise the risk of e coli!

A number of outbreaks of E coli involving children have been “associated with educational and recreational visits to open farms” according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

In an article about Ecoli 0157, the HSE advise

“While the hazard from infection resulting from a farm visit is real the risks are readily controlled by simple everyday measures.

“Primary amongst these is the need for good personal hygiene. Infection can result from exposure to bacteria from animals or animal faeces and then eating, drinking or smoking without first thoroughly washing your hands.”

See the full HSE article »

Avoid the risk – take a mobile sink with you!

TEAL make a range of robust, easy to use and easy to clean mobile sinks and portable basins – many of which you can just pop into the boot of your car!

They are perfect for any situation where a hot water hand wash is a requirement and there is no power supply or plumbing. It is for use with pre-heated hot water and provides a minimum of ten 12 second hand washes per filling.

An effective and fun hand wash can be provided anywhere with this versatile unit. It’s entirely self-contained: just fill it with warm water and the mobile sink will keep it warm for hours.

The flat base enables it to be positioned on any stable level surface – both indoors and out! So its always at just the right height for little ones to wash their hands.