Why good hygiene in beauty businesses is essential

Why good hygiene in beauty businesses is essential

Good first impressions provide reassurance and confidence in clients

The initial image presented by a hairdresser, beautician or aesthetics expert needs to be a good one, making sure that they are seen as reflecting the industry that they represent, according to a recent report on the Daily Bio News website.

The article list many benefits that good levels of hygiene, appropriate makeup and attire can provide to a thriving beauty business – and the approach needs to be appropriate for the type of business.

Hairdressers, it recommends, should adhere to a certain dress code, avoid long nails (to avoid scratching customers) and should of course have well presented hair. An excellent tip states that haircare products used by staff should all be available in the salon.

Beauty therapists, who should be in uniform most of the time says the article, should wear short sleeved tops, comfortable and closed toe shoes.

Uniforms must be clean, well ironed and free from stains. Levels of makeup are crucial and will vary depending on the service being offered: “Beauty therapists are not supposed to wear much make-up”, for example.

The importance of good hygiene

“While working in a salon, your presentation and hygiene should be at their highest standards while working.”

Of course, good hygiene is not just about giving the right impression to customers – infection control should be one of the most important considerations for any beautician or aesthetics business.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raises awareness of E.coli – and the problems that it can cause. And to minimise cross-infection, they recommend hand washing with soap and running water. Gels with at least 60% alcohol can be used at a pinch, but they aren’t as effective they state.

Good hand hygiene is essential for any beautician – as evidenced in the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) publication Introduction to Hygiene in Beauty and Spa Therapy.

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