Hairbrush and make-up brush hygiene and hand washing – what beauticians need to know

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Beauty hygiene is essential

Good hygiene is essential in any beauty establishment. It’s a constant battle to keep cross-infection at bay – a situation that has been heightened by the current pandemic. We’ve picked out three frequent causes for concern in every salon – hairbrushes, makeup brushed – and perhaps most importantly of all, hands.

A recent article on the Stylist website deals with the first item on the list – hairbrushes. How often should you really wash your hairbrush? written by Chloe Burcham who observed that it’s “no surprise” that general hygiene is “being put under the microscope” in the industry at the moment.

She indicates that “hairbrushes are commonly the worst breeding ground for bacteria” with around 3,500 colonies of bacteria to the square inch, according to researchers at  the University of Arizona. This rather gruesome theme has also been picked up on the Mirror website.

Another article on the Stylist refers to the need to keep those makeup brushes clean – because they could probably do with a wash (a slight understatement perhaps?). Fortunately, this can be a very straightforward process.

“With solutions like baby shampoo and brushes cleansers, and even a washing machine for your brushes, there’s no need for elbow grease and an hour-long session.”

Clean hands are the key

There is one tool at the heart of every beauty business, one thing with which everything else is operated, touched and enabled. The biggest germ “superspreader” in the salon…

The beautician’s hands.

The Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), in its guidance on hygiene in beauty and spa therapy, states hands must be washed before and after treating a client, as well as after handling food, using the toilet, and even after handling money. It advises using soap, preferably from a liquid soap dispenser, where the whole assembly is disposed of once the soap has run out. It advocates a 10-20 second wash and taps that can be operated hands-free.

Thought for the day – what about clients and customers?

Most salons are commendably diligent when it comes to hygiene practises. They have to be in order to stay in business of course.

But very few offer their clients the opportunity to wash THEIR hands immediately on entering the facility. A very good way of keeping the spread of infection under control – and an additional reassurance for them. A bit of a glaring omission perhaps?

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