“The good fight” – why kids around the world are being taught to wash their hands properly

Teaching hand washing to children is a worldwide effort

Healthy hand hygiene habits are essential

We make no apology for stating that effective hand washing is “the most important lesson a child can learn”. Indeed, there are a huge number of initiatives across the globe which are all focussed on the same thing, according to a recent report on the Daily Nurse website.

The article begins in Canada – the scene of an initiative seen in the video Teaching kids to wash their hands? Sing ‘Frère Jacques’. You can see schoolchildren of 6 – 9 years completing the routine while singing hand washing lyrics to the well know tune.

Importance of hand washing demonstrated in science experiment

Another eye-catching video involved a now famous science experiment carried out under the control of behavioral specialist Jaralee Annice Metcalf in Idaho, USA.

“An educator is imploring students and parents to wash their hands after posting the results of her classroom’s stomach-churning experiment.”

Classroom Experiment Shows the Importance of Hand-Washing — Just in Time for Flu Season.

An Indian imagination catcher, says the article, is one that features a government primary school in Keral when 45 students aged 5 – 10 were trained how to wash their hands by “an anthropomorphic hand-shaped attendant named Pepe.”

A robot is nudging kids at a tribal school in India into washing their hands better.

Also reported are the innovative use of a football coated with a special powder…

The article succinctly makes its point by quoting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as stating that hand washing education can

“Reduce the number of people who get sick with diarrhea by 23-40%” – which sums things up rather well!

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How to wash your hands

Here, children in your care can learn the ten simple steps that show how to wash hands effectively.