Flu in care homes: hand washing with soap and water is essential for everyone

The importance of hand washing in care homes

Deadly flu virus kills nursing home residents

An Ayr care home was closed to further admissions recently after the tragic deaths of several residents as a result of a flu outbreak, according to a recent report on the Daily Record website.

Sarah Hilley reported that the upsetting event had prompted the issuing of hand washing advice from the director of public health at NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

Lynne McNiven is quoted as saying “During the outbreak, which is now over, the care home fully cooperated with our Public Health Team as part of the management of the outbreak.”

A surge of flu outbreaks in Australia is causing some concern says the article.

“NHS Ayrshire & Arran chair Martin Cheyne told a board meeting last week the levels of the virus down under could serve as an indicator for what can be expected in Scotland” though current levels in the country are low.

Washing with soap and water

Hilley writes that the NHS urges that effective – and frequent – hand hygiene actions should take place with care home staff, visitors and residents.

“To reduce the risk of spreading flu the NHS recommend getting vaccinated annually, washing hands often with warm water and soap, using tissues to trap germs when you cough or sneeze and binning used tissues as soon as possible.”

A video demonstrating appropriate hand washing techniques with soap and running water can be seen on the NHS website.

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