Why hand washing is essential for food trucks in the USA (or anywhere else)

Portable sinks for mobile caterers at CIEH conference

Critical risk factors among food trucks

Food trucks have been around in the USA since the first chuck wagons first appeared in the 1870s. These days they need to comply with both local and state requirements in order to sell food – and the provision of effective hand washing facilities is of crucial importance, according to a recent report on the Weatherford Democrat website.

The article by Kathy Smith focusses on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report which identified “critical risk factors” with food trucks which could contribute to a failed inspection.

Lack of hand washing was one of the most likely reasons for a failure writes Ms. Smith, along with a number of other factors that include lack of adequate temperature control for food and the cross contamination of raw foods.

Always wash your hands!

The report points out a very significant factor when it comes to avoiding food borne illnesses among mobile caterers – the ability for not only the food preparation staff to wash their hands effectively, but their customers as well.

“Always wash your hands before eating and drinking.”

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Hand wash units for food trucks – that need no external water supply

TEAL hand wash portable sinks are the perfect solution for the food-related and catering industries. Two models in particular the Handeman Xtra Portable and the WashStand (shown below) are idea for mobile food trucks – they need no external water supply.

Just fill up the tanks with clean water from any suitable container and get washing!

Ideal for all catering related businesses such as Street Food suppliers, retailers, farmers’ markets and kiosks, outside catering, fast food outlets, ice cream vendors, coffee kiosks, sandwich bars and all other forms of mobile catering. TEAL hand wash units are also perfect for customers who use your facilities.

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The TEAL WashStand – wheel it to where you want it!