Hand washing importance emphasised in face of antibiotic resistance in the Middle East

MediWash mobile hand washing units for hospitals

Increasing difficulty in treating certain illnesses

Doctors across the Middle East are “expressing alarm” at the continued misuse of antibiotics which are freely available without prescription across the region. This is leading to rapidly increasing levels of antibiotic resistance where a range of illnesses can no longer be controlled, according to a recent report on the Al Arabiya website.

The article by Lenah Hassaballah, warns that the Middle East has an exceptionally high rate of bacterial resistance.

“It is very likely that warfare has contributed to this” it says.

“About 700,000 people die annually because of infections that cannot be treated.”

The report quotes the holder of the Regional Stewardship at the MSF reconstructive surgery program in Amman in Jordan, who is Doctor Conor Bowman.

“For example, when someone is suffering from a viral infection (e.g. a common cold or episode of diarrhea), they are given antibiotics. Viruses are not affected by antibiotics; therefore, the patient is treated inappropriately, and we have allowed bacteria in the community to develop resistance.”

The vital role of effective infection control

Dr. Bowman, says the article, strongly advises a three pillared approach

  1. Taking samples of the tissue infected by bacteria
  2. Stewardship of antibiotics
  3. Infection control.

“We must make sure in healthcare services and in general, we are always observing strict hand hygiene protocols such as deep cleaning and hand washing” said Dr. Bowman.

Doctors warn of the rise of antibiotic resistance in the Middle East »

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