Mobile sinks help infection control at Queen Elizabeth

Portable hand washing stations for hospitals

Portable sinks enable staff to “remain vigilant in hand washing habits”

A campaign has been initiated at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) to “combat the risk of the spread of Ebola, flu and winter vomiting bugs” reports the Lynn News website.

Dr Ian Hosein, interim associate medical director for infection prevention and control, is reported as saying “The trust is taking strong steps towards preventing the spread of infectious diseases.”

“Flu and norovirus are particularly active in the community at this time of year and our campaign serves as a reminder to staff, patients and visitors about the simple steps that they can follow to stop these diseases from spreading in the community and from entering the hospital.”

Mobile sinks a key part of hand hygiene strategy

“The promotion of good hand hygiene is at the centre of the “Be Effective Not Infected” campaign, with hand-washing being one of the best and easiest ways to stop the transfer of the bugs being targeted.” reports the News.

Mobile sink units have been bought for wards where there is a risk of norovirus to make hand-washing easier.

High quality hand washing with soap and water – perfect for patients and visitors!

Portable hot water hand washing for healthcare situations – the TEAL Stop n’Wash is entirely self contained and needs no mains water service or drainage connections.

The synchronised display takes you through the automatic TEAL Stop n’Wash programme and 7 rubbing actions as laid down on the National Health Service Guidelines:- “Hand-washing technique with soap and water”.

Teal Task Force mobile hand washing

Hot water hand wash hire for UK medical emergencies

Introducing the TEAL Task Force

TEAL Task Force staff provide a rapid deployment and installation service for the class-leading Teal Stop n’Wash portable hand washing station to medical facilities. Setup and training is provided for on-site staff as part of the service.