How hand washing enables children to play in the dirt

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Messy play is such an important part of pre-school education

Being dirty is a normal part of growing up – it’s appropriate hand hygiene training that makes all the difference according to

“Professionals at The Spanish Nursery and Children’s Centre for Culture and Language in North London believe one complements the other and stress that messy play is an important part of pre-school learning” reports the news editor, Richard Howard.

Carmen Rampersad, the nursery’s director of child welfare, recruitment and quality assurance is quoted as saying “There is a difference between messy and unhygienic play and it is important to keep that in mind. Hands full of dirt whilst in the middle of gardening is very different than unwashed hands at lunchtime or dirty toys that children play with. As long as the basic rules of hygiene are being adhered to then there are only benefits from messy play!”

At The Spanish Nursery we make it a point to emphasise to the children the importance of maintaining good hygiene and encourage regular hand washing so they continue the practice at home and later in school.”

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