Hospital visitors must wash their hands effectively says NHS Trust

Hospital visitors must wash their hands effectively says NHS Trust

People can play a significant role by helping to reduce the spread of infection

Members of the public who are contemplating a hospital visit in the near future need to be aware of the importance of carrying out effective hand hygiene as they enter a medical facility, according to a recent publicity campaign by NHS Borders

The release was covered by a number of news outlets, including the Border Telegraph which reiterated that the Trust were asking visitors to “play their part” by getting their hands clean – and keeping them so during their time at the facility.

The article, by Isabelle Truscott, quotes the director of nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals at NHS Borders. Sarah Horan pointed out that hospital patients are already having to recover from any surgery or illness, which puts them at an increased risk from potential infection.

“During their recovery our patients are more susceptible to common coughs, colds and tummy bugs, which visitors can unknowingly pass on.”

It is precisely because of this that she asks anyone who is unwell to stay at home rather than running the visit of visiting a sick friend or relative.

Hand washing saves lives

The report further emphasises the importance of washing by quoting the infection control manager for NHS Borders, Sam Whiting who said that essentially it “saves lives”.

“It is essential that everyone plays their part in preventing the spread of infections like COVID-19 and norovirus, and one of the simplest ways of doing this is regularly washing your hands.”

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