44% of music festival goers blame “lack of washing facilities” for NEVER washing their hands!

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Horrifying research reveals that 22% don’t wash their hands at all!

All kinds of festivals are, have been or will be in full swing this summer, with visitors enjoying the great outdoors for a few days, often without considering – or being able to – wash their hands, according to a whole raft of recent reports.

One such was published on The Express website, bacteria which revealed some worrying – and gross – statistics, which were drawn from a survey of 1,500 adults between the ages of 18 – 24.

Perhaps the most alarming figure of all, wrote author Sarah Lumley, was the revelation that

“…during a three – to four-day festival, 26 percent will wash their hands just once a day, if at all..”

For some reason, 10% stated “It’s a festival, I don’t need to”. Very strange!

Lack of hand washing facilities an issue

Let’s face it. At a festival, with all that dirt and mud, hands are going to get dirty. Really dirty. Hand gels are useful to a point, but aren’t very effective when hands are grimy, according to the NHS website, which states that

“Wash hands with non-antimicrobial liquid soap and water if hands are visibly soiled or dirty.”

Which leaves us with a dilemma, according to the Express article.

“Other top reasons given for swerving the soap and water include a lack of washing facilities (44 percent), and simply not being bothered to wait in a queue to clean up (28 percent).”

The article mentions a whole raft of illnesses that could result from poor – and non-existent – hand hygiene, including pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli and Staphylococcus. Anyone for sepsis or pneumonia? Perhaps not…

A perhaps inevitable conclusion to draw is that the answer is in the organiser’s own hands – to make sure that their customers enjoy a safe, illness-free festival as much as possible.

Mobile hand washing units that can be used out of doors would seem to be the obvious solution… 

More than a fifth of festival-goers will not wash their hands for the entire festival »

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