Call to reduce glove use by more hand washing

Call to reduce glove use by more hand washing

The role of PPE, its suitability, manufacture and storage is in focus

The recent pandemic, which is still of course presenting healthcare challenges on a regular basis, has shed light on the challenges of PPE supply, it’s importance and suitability – and now issues arising from the challenges of the last few years, according to a recent report on the BBC website.

BBC News business reporter Angela Henshall focuses the article on the experiences of a respiratory consultant at University Hospital Southampton Professor Paul Elkington, who detailed his experiences and resulting observations, triggered by the realisation by March 2020 that PPE supply demand could not be addressed.

Procurement challenges were of course not always adequately met or fulfilled says the article, when “£673m worth of PPE bought during the pandemic was unusable” and £750m of equipment “not used before its expiry date.”

Hand washing assumes a new significance

Interestingly, the article also quotes a clinical lecturer in sustainable healthcare at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. Dr Chantelle Rizan suggested a three-way aspect of reducing the level of risk to PPE supply and storage networks. Two deal with the potential benefits of “close to home” manufacturing of PPE – and making the most of reusable equipment wherever possible.

And the most significant of the three, is perhaps, the simplest of them all.

“Firstly, by drastically reducing the use of gloves, and replacing them with more hand washing.”

Effective hand washing is essential for infection control

Even when gloves are worn, hands should be washed on their removal. Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust is one of many medical organisations across the UK that highlight this in their guidance 5 moments for hand hygiene.

“Handwashing with soap and water is required when hands are visibly soiled, after removal of gloves, and in certain other circumstances when alcohol gel is ineffective.”

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