Hand washing the “most important piece of advice” for food preparation

Hand washing with a Super Stallette mobile unit

Clean hands and clean clothes are essential says report

It’s vital for anyone preparing food to protect themselves as well as their customers by ensuring that they have safe and hygienic working practices – which are a “key part” of the job, according to a recent report on the Virtual College website

For anyone working in a kitchen or food handling situation, cross-contamination is a real and constant threat, which is why high standards of personal hygiene are so important to minimise the risks of consequential medical issues or food poisoning “both of which have the potential to cause quite serious harm.”

Food regulations need to be adhered to – and are necessarily frequently updated according to Virtual College’s article Why are Food Hygiene Regulations so important? 

Personal hygiene is a “mandatory” – as well as common sense – part of the food preparation process, says the article. Quite apart from the health implications, a failure to take them seriously could have serious employment repercussions for the individual concerned, as well as to threaten the viability of the business employing them.

The article offers a helpful list of 12 personal hygiene practices, some of which are relevant to any business or domestic catering situation, with some being more centred on commercial aspects.

Hand washing – the only way

Described in the report as perhaps “the most important piece of advice” is to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, before touching food, handling different food products, after touching a bin, going to the toilet and so on.

There is no viable alternative for this – and it must be done properly for at least 20 seconds, and to include between fingers, wrists, the back of hands and so on.

“This is the only way to ensure that contaminants are removed from your hands and stops cross-contamination from occurring between food products, utensils and surfaces, protecting you and the people eating the food you’ve handled.”

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A Super Stallette handwash unit can be positioned near any electrical socket
A Super Stallette handwash unit can be positioned near any electrical socket

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