Cryptosporidium: hand sanitiser is “not effective” against it – warning

A WashStand Xtra handwash unit in a stable block

Farms and petting zoos urged to enhance hand washing with soap and water in Ireland

Farm settings in Ireland are being warned by Public Health Mid-West about the dangers of Cryptosporidium as a result of an outbreak in the region, according to a recent report on the Clare Herald website.

Mainly found in faeces of animals, Cryptosporidium is a “parasitic disease” according to reporter Pat Flynn. Infection usually occurs as a result of contact with farm animals or where they are kept. Drinking water that has been contaminated by faeces or touching infected surfaces can result in a variety of unpleasant symptoms – including stomach pains and diarrhoea.

Soap and water washing is the only effective preventative measure

Put simply, quick fix hand gels are largely irrelevant when it comes to necessary hand washing measures says the report.

“Alcohol hand sanitiser is not effective against Cryptosporidium, and washing hands with hot water and soap is the most effective form of hand hygiene.”

This advice has also been issue to children’s petting zoos, particularly in the light of the fact that school visits are beginning for the first time this year.

“Because it is the start of petting zoo season, there is an increased risk of exposure to Cryptosporidium, especially among children. This is why effective hand washing is crucial.”

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The KiddiSynk handwash unit for children can be positioned indoors or out
The KiddiSynk handwash unit for children can be positioned indoors or out

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