Hand washing saves lives – and TEAL Hygienius portable sinks are the most effective mobile solution to the problem of cross contamination infection. The Hygienius comes complete with paper towel bracket and liquid soap dispenser.

The innovative and award-winning TEAL Hygienius is highly portable needing no plumbing, requiring only a 13 amp power socket for operation. A hot hand wash under running water with no splashing means that the hands free Hygienius can be sited exactly at the point of need.

The unique Twin Bag TEALtainer ensures that fresh and waste water are kept separate and hygienically contained at all times.

The wash is initiated by the Bluesensor when hands are placed in the bowl, resulting in a low pressure fully hygienic spray wash. The water is heated to the optimum temperature of just over 40°C.

Hygienius portable sinks


£742.00 + VAT
£20.90 + VAT


Carry bag

£60.50 + VAT